Research & Development

R&D projects

Betanzos HB has a long record on improving processes and innovate, which has led it to what it is today, a worldwide referent in quality hardboard and productivity.


Development of wines and fizzy drinks from viticulture and extracts from wood industry.

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Agroindustrial wastes valuation to get other high-valued bio-products.

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Excellence programme for innovative Pymes in areas such as bio-technology, food and agriculture, or biomass.

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Development of industrial packaging with Galician wood, especially new solutions, personalisation and automation of the assembly.

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Industry 4.0

Following current tendencies, Betanzos HB is evolving towards an intelligent factory, with a qualitative leap in services and new business models.

Pilot 4.0 CDM

Initiative for the automation of the formation of board by the pulp movement of the line of production.

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Board 2 Door

Collaborative industrial R&D project for parametric products based on Tablex.

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Improvement of energy efficiency

Initiative of automation and increase of the energetic efficiency by new variable-speed drives and scadas.

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New bio products

Our extract with wood is a co-product in the production process for fibreboards by wet process. The extracts from eucalyptus wood are concentrated without chemical products. This product has high valued natural compounds such as lignin, tannins, polyphenol and sugar, which make it a natural source of natural compounds.

It is presented as a syrupy liquid, with dark colour and nice smell, similar to caramel. It has an acid pH, coming from Eucalyptus wood extracts. The amount of solid materials represents the 40%, which makes most of the extracts water-soluble, with very short wood fibres.

This product is new and unique in the market since the extracts are obtained thanks to the boiling of the eucalyptus wood, which gives it specific properties.