Board 2 Door

At Betanzos HB we believe in the value of Tablex as a sustainable, durable, resistant and high performance material. We are pushing our limits to increase the possibilities of application of our product in Industry 4.0 age.

Betanzos HB has partnered with two industrial carpentry companies, Puertas Betanzos and Aliusporta, and with the Cluster of Madeira e or Deseño de Galicia (CDM) in a collaborative industrial R&D project for parametric products based on Tablex.

The aim is to achieve a full flexible production, that is, the thickness of the product will be out of catalog. It will be an attribute to be defined directly according to the optimized measurements for each final use.

The goal is to create a board of extreme thicknesses up to a finished product of 1.8 mm. The 'Tablex ultra slim', a thickness that does not exist on the market yet.

To change the current factory line to an optimized line producing 1.8 mm is a challenge for Betanzos HB. It involves all stages of the process. It is necessary to optimize the formation, the pressing cycle, transport speed adjustments, new approach systems and much more precise positioning and, in general, a rethinking of our producto production process.

Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad supports this project economically through the call for support to Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI) in order to improve the competitiveness of SMEs.

Provided: 76,486.00 euros

Board 2 Door