Societies involved

Betanzos HB is a company committed to society and to the forestry sector, and that is the reason why it is a member of different national and international societies related to biotechnology and wood industry.


The National Association of Board Manufacturers (Anfta) is a national non-profit entity, arising from the need of companies in the sector to promote the development and progress of industries engaged in production of boards from wood.

Natural Fiber Board

Registered trademark working with fibreboards produced without any artificial joining agents. NFB is authorised by the EPF, Panel European Federation, representing every hardboard and softboard manufacturer using wet process.

Cluster da Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia

It joins companies and agents related to the wood chain industry, including companies linked with lumbering, lumber mills, metal-working companies, woodwork companies and furniture companies.

Confemadera Galicia

The Galician Wood Entrepreneur Confederation is a business organisation member of Confemadera Hábitat and the Spanish Wood Companies Confederation.

AIDIMME Instituto Tecnológico

The Technological Institute for the Metal-mechanic, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and related has 141 employees and more than 800 companies associated.


The Spanish Association of Bio-companies (ASEBIO) represents the business and institutional network related to bio-technology in Spain.