At Betanzos HB we work in order to meet present needs without compromising future generations, and ensuring the balance between economic development, social well-being and caring for the environment.

How does Betanzos HB contribute to sustainable development?

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Tablex, 100% wood

Our Tablex is manufactured solely with virgin wood, which in addition to being renewable, from its origin in nature to the end of its value chain, it retains CO2 from the air, so its use contributes to curbing climate change.

Our activity increases the value of the forestry sector, since the raw material for the manufacture of Tablex is composed of rejected forest materials such as slabs of timber, branches, supports and bark, contributing to a circular economy.

Tablex is wood processed using heat and mechanical means; it therefore has a low environmental impact and preserves the properties and the warm feeling of wood.


A more sustainable product

Our Tablex uses the lignin from wood as an adhesive for the fibres, providing it with strength and durability. In addition, the absence of artificial adhesives also makes it a recyclable, non-polluting material that can be recovered as biomass. It is also 100% biodegradable, and can be used as a raw material to make compost at the end of its useful life.

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Development of rural areas

Betanzos HB promotes a local sustainable development model, adding value to a timber chain that contributes to rural development and its economic structure.

Tablex is made entirely of local wood from  sustainably managed plantations, adding value to Galician forestry and helping the population to establish themselves in the rural environment.


Exporting company

Betanzos HB’s wood boards are highly appreciated in international markets like those the European Union, United States of America, Central America and South America, East Africa and Middle East. Much of the production is exported to meet growing foreign demand for 100% ecological wood board and because of the various advantages it offers over other materials.

Corporative sustainability

As a basis for corporate sustainability, Betanzos HB is firmly committed to complying with the applicable regulations, as well as with defined ethical values and standards. The company has established a Compliance Management System for this that includes a  code of conduct and ten principles, which are used to promote an ethical culture in all fields.

This system includes the  integrated management system and has certified its health and safety management system for its workers according to ISO 45001, its environmental management system according to ISO 14001, its quality management system according to ISO 9001 and its chain of custody control system under the standards of FSC  and PEFC.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

By using TABLEX you help us reach the SDGS established by the UN in its 2030 Agenda

At Betanzos HB, we make forestry profitable by using rejected pieces of wood and by promoting more sustainable forest management and rural development.

We transform wood into added-value products, favouring the economic growth of our community.

We use innovation as a means of adding value to wood and to make construction more sustainable.

Manufacturing from wood encourages biomass production.

Wood is a key raw material for the transition model to a circular economy, aimed at boosting global competitiveness, promoting more sustainable economic growth and generating new jobs.