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The Tablex as a benchmark in a sustainable world

Betanzos HB participates in a new project that develops construction systems with a negative carbon footprint in Europe based on our Tablex as a construction material, due to its ecological advantages and high resistance.

Life Eco Timber Cell

Quality and sustainable versatility based on Tablex

Betanzos HB, as a world leader in hardboard quality, represents a new way of understanding sustainability. Thanks to our research we generate new innovative products and constantly expand the applications of our hardboard. The Tablex has proven its quality and versatility in areas as diverse as furniture manufacturing, decoration, footwear manufacturing, car interior and many more. In this project, the advantages of Tablex in the sustainable building sector are clear.

The Tablex as an example of sustainability

This project proposes alternatives to the current construction system, in order to address energy sustainability and climate change, using local woods that encourage the use of our forest potential. Thanks to the use of Tablex as a structural element, it is possible to reduce the use of materials with high environmental impact and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using wood as a CO2 store. Our product proves to be an example of the new generation of sustainable materials, which provide the resistance, comfort and durability necessary for construction, while respecting the environment.

Advantages of the use of Tablex instead of materials of high environmental impact

Our board has been selected for this project because of the great number of advantages it brings compared to other old alternatives:

Ahorrar Energía

Saves energy in the production process of structural construction elements replacing traditional elements with a high energy cost such as metal and concrete.

Construcción sostenible_

Its high resistance allows to significantly reduce the consumption of wood compared to other construction systems, making it sustainable.

Minimizar residuos

The construction system based on ETC allows to minimize the generation of waste in the construction, as well as its environmental impact.

Madera Local

This project allows to increase the added value of local wood through its use in construction.

Madera certificada

Encourage the demand for certified wood of local origin.


Promote a change in the use of adhesive chemical products, potentially harmful to the environment.

Discover the multiple applications of our hardboard and all its advantages

LIFE Eco Timber Cell

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LIFE Eco Timber Cell is a public-private initiative framed within one of the priority objectives of the European Union: the Mitigation of the effects of Climate Change. This initiative has received funding from the LIFE program of the European Union.

With the use of Tablex in construction, the reduction in the emission of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect is achieved, since 40% of the final energy consumption in the EU comes from buildings.


In addition to Betanzos HB, the USC participates through PEMADE, a research center specializing in the development of structural wood products, CETEMAS, a technology center with a climate change and carbon footprint laboratory, ITEC Certification Technological Institute in the EU since 1996 and 3eDATA manager specialized in agroforestry and environmental projects.

Total Budget: 2.003.142,00 €

If you want to follow closely the LIFE EcoTimberCell project visit its website