Research & Development

Discover our natural products, the only ones in the market,
which resulted from our research

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Thanks to our 100% natural production system and as the results of the research projects we have carried since 2016, we can offer new and completely natural products.
With this range of innovative solutions, we implement the values of Betanzos HB and our commitment to the circular green economy model. We develop innovative applications with added value for local woods and other species, based on the stream of wood extracts generated during the manufacturing process for high density boards.

Available new products

Discover our range of new natural products:

  • Wood extracts: Natural extract of preservative assets and antioxidants in a water base.
  • Powdered wood extract: Natural extracts of wood in powder form.
  • Pure polyphenol extract
  • 30% Lignin concentrate. 100% natural alternative to lignosulfanate.
  • Bioadhesive: 100% plant-based adhesive especially suitable for agriculture, food, packaging, carpentry, etc. It allows the recovery of components at the end of their end of life, favouring the circular economy.

If you wish to add value to your business and make a commitment with bioeconomy while collaborating with the care of the environment, request information on our innovative solutions:


R & D + i projects successfully completed

Betanzos HB has a long history of process improvement and innovation that has led it to what it is today, a world leader in hardboard quality.

Proof our commitment and efficiency in the research and development are the projects carry out and completed successfully in the last few years: