Board 2 Door

At Betanzos HB we investigate as a means to develop innovative products that generate value to achieve a circular green economy. Thanks to this research we have successfully achieved the development of new products based on Tablex. At Betanzos HB we believe in Tablex value as sustainable, durable, resistant and high-performance material. We are continually reconsidering our limits to grow the possibilities of application of our product in the Industry 4.0 era.

Resulting products based on Tablex

Tablex, the commercial brand of the board manufactured by Betanzos HB, is a renewable product, made from local wood of sustainable production. Thanks to the success of Board 2 Door, this material already has new and innovative applications in the market, which we present below:

Modular ceiling

Techo Modular - Tablex

A very competitive alternative to plaster ceilings. An innovative, natural and decorative product that, thanks to being made of wood, has acoustic and thermal advantages as well as offering great ease of assembly.

Three-layered Sandwich

Sandwich Tricapa. Tablex

The three-layered wood product that offers many architectural and decorative options, both in terms of its applications and its finish. The sandwich made with Tablex is ecological, resistant and cheaper than traditional ones.

Pantograph door

Puerta Tablex

This product made with Tablex is sustainable, resistant, of superior quality and with a very competitive price, achieved thanks to the optimization of various aspects related to the manufacturing process

Project achievements

In the Board 2 Door was made a flexible production, that is, now the product thickness is out of catalog being an attribute to be defined directly based on the optimized measures for each end use.

We have achieved the creation of 'Tablex ultra slim' of limit thickness by lowering the depth of our finished product to 1.8 mm. This has meant converting the previous line into an optimized line that produces 1.8 mm, which has been a challenge for Betanzos HB and covers all stages of the process. It was necessary to optimize training, the pressing cycle, transport speed adjustments, new approach systems, and much more precise positioning and, in general, a rethinking of the production process for our product.

Collaborative project

To achieve these successes, Betanzos HB teamed up with two industrial carpentry companies, Puertas Betanzos, and Aliusporta, and with the Cluster da Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia (CDM) in a collaborative industrial research project for the development of parametric products based on Tablex .

In this project have trusted, in addition to our partners, the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness, who supports it economically through the call for support for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) to improve the competitiveness of small and medium Business.

Aid granted: 76,486.00 euros

Board 2 Door