Active role in the Agrobiotech Innovation Project meeting

Francisco Conde, Economics, Work and Industry councillor, closed yesterday the first Agrobiotech Innovación meeting, that took place for the last two days in the Parque Tecnológico de Galicia (Tecnópole), a meeting that was created to be continued and with the objective of turning the area in a “nucleus for Innovation in the food and agricultural, bio-technological and biomass fields”.

This meeting puts and end to the Project Agrobiotech Innovation, in which Betanzos HB has had an active role and wants to encourage innovation between companies to make its processes and business areas more efficient, creative and competitive. With more than 400 attendees in representation of every agent involved in the fields of bio-technology, food and agriculture and biomass, this meeting has been considered a success because of its high level national and international participants and the intense meetings between the different innovation agents and the companies, which will result, without any doubt, in a higher collaboration between the participating companies.

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