Training of future professionals

Aware of the great future of wood design and its potential as a material for construction, furniture, among other uses, Betanzos HB has focused on training Galician professionals to learn about the manufacturing process and the versatile uses of hardboard.

The company is currently providing training in vocational training centres to raise awareness among students of the advantages of Tablex in construction as a carbon sink, not only because of its composition, which is 100% wood, but also because of its long-term storage.

At these conferences, the qualities of Tablex as a durable product that extends the life of consumer goods are explained, preventing the generation of waste and pollution, as well as the benefits of contact with wood.

Betanzos HB has already collaborated with the “IES Politécnico de Santiago de Compostela” and the “IES Rosalía Mera de A Coruña” secondary schools and has also participated in workshops with students from the Industrial Design University School of Ferrol.

These collaborations highlight the need to redesign the current economy ‑based on extracting, using and throwing away‑ to promote the change to circular economy, and this is where Tablex deploys its full potential by promoting a lower use of resources, allowing reuse, repair and recycling, and, ultimately, the use of wood until the end of its life cycle, as it is a biodegradable material.

It is an honour for Betanzos HB to have the opportunity to participate in the training of future professionals and to promote the development of the local economy where the company is located, as well as to establish collaboration links and synergies with the training centres.


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