Societal shift towards sustainability drives demand for healthy furniture

Today we are witnessing a significant shift in the way people think about consumption and their environmental responsibility. Citizens are increasingly looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly options in all areas of their lives, including home furnishings. In this context, Betanzos HB is proud to be the supplier of Tablex, the material used by Janka in its innovative collection of furniture for children and young people.

Awareness of environmental challenges and the importance of reducing our impact on the planet have led to an increase in demand for responsibly manufactured products. Janka has responded to this demand by creating a line of furniture which is long lasting and designed to evolve with people and last for a long time, ranging from beds, bunk beds, storage solutions, mattresses and even auxiliary furniture. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of our Tablex, a material developed exclusively by Betanzos HB.

Tablex is a high-quality, natural-composition option that meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability. Produced from wood and rejects from responsibly managed local plantations, this material offers an efficient alternative to solid wood without compromising durability and aesthetic beauty.

The collaboration between Betanzos HB and Janka reflects the spirit of change and responsibility that is taking hold in our society. More and more people value the quality of the inside of our homes, and want to return to materials of natural origin, avoiding the presence of toxins, without relinquishing comfort and design. No resins are added in the manufacture of Tablex, so its composition is the same as that of natural wood, avoiding emissions of undesirable compounds in the place where we feel most comfortable.

The Janka brand, with its focus on “the charm of what is real”, is leading the way towards a new way of building our reality through a conscious choice, inviting society to make a long-term investment for those who wish to create homes that respect their values.

“Janka” is the scale used to measure the hardness of wood, and gives its name to its brand, highlighting the excellent hardness -and durability- that the Tablex provides to any element created with our material.  At Betanzos HB we are pleased to be part of this initiative, which offers an innovative, local and high quality alternative in the furniture market.

Janka products are now available for sale through its own online shop (, offering families throughout Spain the opportunity to explore and buy its innovative furniture for children and young people.

We continue to work hand in hand with brands committed to sustainability, to meet the demands of an increasingly responsible society.

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