Betanzos HB, recognised with the goCircular Pass economy seal

Hardboard TSCA

Betanzos HB has been awarded the prestigious goCircular Pass, a seal created by TheCircularLab that recognises the potential to contribute to transition towards circular economy, standing out among the entrepreneurial community.

This year, this seal has recognised 32 companies, 24 of them Spanish, including the Betanzos factory.

Some of the requirements to receive it are having a high level of innovation in our products, offering a portfolio of solutions that contribute to circular economy and the provision of supporting documentation proving the ability to add value to circularity.

An evaluation committee made up of experts with extensive experience in the field of circular economy, created by TheCircularLab, has been in charge of evaluating the applications and making the final decision on the awarding of the goCircular Pass.

The innovative activity of Betanzos HB is focused on offering nature-based solutions to meet the need for durable, healthy and biodegradable materials in a new conscious and responsible society.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires rethinking materials and redesigning products to enable a circular economy.

Tablex is a product made from local forest industry rejects that contributes to climate change mitigation by sequestering carbon throughout its life cycle, from tree growth to its conversion into durable products. In addition, it can be reused due to its excellent strength and density properties, and recycled, to manufacture new boards that will extend carbon sequestration without the need for new resources.

Betanzos HB is also part of goCircular Radar, the map of the most innovative startups in the circular economy sector, which already includes more than 190 startups.


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