Betanzos HB collaborates in a project to manufacture sustainable furniture for schools

Betanzos HB collaborates in the education project carried out by El Rogle Waldorf-Lliure aimed at manufacturing sustainable furniture for its school’s classrooms.

The initiative, launched in collaboration with the company Biofustería, has consisted in the construction of tables and shelves with the 100% wood hardboard we produce in our company Betanzos HB, marketed under the name Tablex.

Waldorf schools are characterised by giving great importance to play and furniture materials, and therefore they use wood and natural materials as part of the sensory and safe experience for the child’s development.

Use of healthy materials

The way we build our consumer goods, furniture and decoration is changing. From large multinationals to individual consumers, there is an increasing awareness of the responsibility of our choices, and they are calling for the use of healthy materials that minimise their impact on the planet’s resources.

Our Tablex is made out of forestry industry waste such as branches and bark, which otherwise would have had a very short life cycle or would be used as biomass, instantly returning the CO2 captured over the years back into the atmospher.

Transforming these rejects into a durable and versatile material is a way of adding value to rural environment and keeping CO2 where we like it: converted into wood that brings a lasting wellbeing to objects around us. Because our Tablex contains no other ingredients: natural lignin is the adhesive of fibres reconstituted into sheets. This makes it a recyclable and biodegradable material.

As a sample of the better future we want to leave to our children, you can see the photos of this school’s furniture made by @biofustería.

To find out how its properties fit in the project, please visit



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