Betanzos HB achieves the prestigious Innovative SME seal

The Innovative SME seal is an award granted by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, which identifies those companies that have demonstrated their innovative capacity in recent years. This is a new proof of our commitment to R+D+I and adds to the certifications of the project “Timber Extracts for High Added-Value Bioproducts”, whose activities have been certified as Research and Development.

At Betanzos HB, we are really proud to have been granted the Innovative SME seal, thus adding ourselves to the select list of companies that currently have it: 184 in Galicia alone, and 3,042 all over Spain. Besides, we feel very grateful since this supposes a new recognition to our effort, trajectory and work in R+D+I. This encourages us to keep striving to offer quality, innovative and sustainable products, which are the result of the talent and experience of the professionals who shape our company.

At Betanzos HB, we are enthusiastic about innovation. As a result of the research projects we have led since 2016 and thanks to our 100% natural production system, we are able to offer new and totally natural products, such as timber extracts, a pure polyphenol concentrate, or a pure lignin concentrate. We currently have several projects underway:

  • enCAIXA. Development of industrial packaging with Galician timber, especially new solutions, customization and automation for the assembly process, supported by Gain, Conecta Peme 2018 call.
  • Drytech. Development of a prototype of an intelligent drying process applicable to timber extracts, supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.
  • LIFE EcoTimberCell (LIFE17 CCM/ES/000074). Development of construction products with negative CO2 footprint from TABLEX and local timber.

We carry out all these projects while still innovating in the development of our high-density wood fiberboards, Tablex, with the aim of boosting our customers’ new projects.

If you need more information, please get in touch with our team.

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