Betanzos HB holds its 2017 Convention

Betanzos HB 120 professional workforce met yesterday in the Club House of the industrial complex for the 2017 Convention. The appointment served the management of the company to review past year figures and set goals for the upcoming.

Yvon Remy, on behalf of the Board, reiterated the confidence in Betanzos HB’s future. “We believe in this company and in its workers. We have a solid investment plan and if we all work hard, we give the best of each one, I’m sure we’re going to take our Tablex very far”, explained.

On the other hand, Roberto Pérez, general manage, pointed how to become a customer focused company. “We are not a factory producing hardboard, we are a company selling Tablex, a product of great quality, to customers with high expectations all arround the world”. Also, during his presentation he appealed to the efforts of each professional, the vocation for constant improvement and the implementation of a culture of zero risk in terms of labour safety as immediate goals.

At the event head of sales, head of R&D and head of human resources explained to the entire staff the axes of the activity and medium-term objectives of each department, with special emphasis on the automation processes that put Betanzos HB in the path for industry 4.0.

In charge of external consultants, three training sessions were also held for workers in the framework of the 2017 Convention. First, on corporate compliance. Second, about prevention of risks and occupational health. In the afternoon, a full explanation of the emergency action plan was held, with a simulation of evacuation and practical training.

2017 Convention  2017 Convention  2017 Convention

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