Betanzos HB is developing an ecological adhesive derived from Wood, which is a unique product on the market

The Galician company Betanzos HB, specialized in the manufacture of the ecological board, Tablex, is developing an adhesive derived from sustainable and biodegradable wood.

This bio-adhesive has been attained by taking advantage of the knowledge acquired in the Tablex manufacturing process, where wood extracts bind the fibres to create highly resistant boards without the need for artificial adhesives.

This ecological adhesive, which is a unique product on the market, is being developed according to the principles of circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and may have applications in the agri-food, packaging, cosmetic, furniture, cladding and bio-construction sectors, among others.

The company is currently collaborating with leading companies in the adhesive sector, which have already shown a great interest in this innovative product.


In initial tests, the bio-adhesive shows excellent results for binding board, paper, plastic and glass, and is particularly suitable for the food sector due to its completely natural composition, for dry bonding, and for bonding that needs reversibility of the bond, for example for the reuse and recycling of components at the end of their useful life.

Wholesale supply

Betanzos HB already has “wholesale” supply capacity for the supply of this wood extract and continues to search for synergies with the different manufactures to extend avenues of collaboration.

In addition to the bio-adhesive, Betanzos HB has developed other products of natural origin from these wood extracts, such as preservatives for the chemical sector, manufacture of bitumen, additives for animal feed and components for the manufacture of organic fertilizers.

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