Betanzos HB joins an international event that presents innovative products from forest biomass

muestra productos innovadores a partir de biomasa forestal

On September 12, Betanzos HB took part in the Workshop “Forestry biomass as the source for improved-sustainability bioproducts”, organized by the Rede Galega de Líquidos Iónicos (REGALIs) in Santiago de Compostela.

An event attended by national and international researchers and representatives of the main Galician companies of the wood value chain, in which they introduced their innovations from forest biomass. They showed how to value forest biomass and revive the Galician mount through innovative products. For example: natural preservatives, bioplastics, agricultural amendments, foams and “green” adhesives or aromatic extracts. In the case of Betanzos HB, these bioproducts are already available.

The workshop raised great interest and had a great media coverage, appearing on TV (minute 9:25 Telexornal RTVE), in the press (La Voz de Galicia), as well as in the specialized magazine Campo Galego, among others.

Rosa Mª Arcas, responsible for Research & Development, talked about how one of the objectives of Betanzos HB is to give value to the forest wealth of Galicia, not only through the manufacture of high-resistance ecological boards from forest by-products, but by placing out in the market new bioproducts with preservative and antioxidant application, fertilizers and adhesives, among others. And she highlighted that “the key lies in knowing how to add value to the forest industry, ensuring that the owners and the entire wood value chain achieve greater benefits. This way we will have ensured the preservation of the forests and the rural way of life”.

At Betanzos HB, we already use a sustainable production system with the circular economy approoach to manufacture our high-density wood fiber boards. Lignin acts as a natural adhesive, so they are 100% wood.

Furthermore, we have developed a variety of bioproducts from wood extracts. In a first range, we have developed an organic amendment for lignin-based agriculture that is ideal for Mediterranean crops, since it lowers the pH of the soil, without adding undesirable chemicals and provides organic matter to the soil and polyphenols, which protect the crops.

Other ranges are natural preservatives and antioxidants from wood extracts that replace chemical products and help to obtain “eco” formulas. This range is valid for the food industry, where in the case of wines, wood aromas provide a plus and replace harmful products such as sulphites. Also, we provide a high quality lignin source with very interesting characteristics for its use in the emerging market of bioproducts.

In short, at Betanzos HB we put our innovation at the service of companies in all industries, through high value-added boards, Tablex and our range of bioproducts.

If you need more information, contact our team.

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