Betanzos HB joins FSC ‘Have a wood day’

FSC Spain has launched, through its ‘Have a wood day’ project, an online survey to promote the use of wood in construction.

This initiative, supported by Betanzos HB, aims to give value to the wood as a beautiful, natural, and ecological material whenever it comes from sustainable sources, and to promote its use in constructions and rehabilitations, both public and private. This initiative, have been also supported by offices of architecture, associations, non-profit organizations and companies.

The FSC research survey is for architects or civil engineers, both those who work as free professionals as they do in technical offices or design departments or in purchases areas of new building and/or rehabilitation projects. The final purpose is to obtain direct data regarding the use of wood and its derivatives in the field of construction projects. Then will be possible to have a real diagnosis about its use, basis to able to implement future actions related to its promotion and value.

Although the wood has excellent properties for its constructive use, highly valued in Europe, but in Spain is not used often. If it comes from well managed forests, such as those certified by FSC thanks to its demanding international system, wood supports the conservation and improvement of forest stands.

The program is co-financed by the STTC (Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition), a public-private coalition set up in the Netherlands through Tropical Timber IDH to promote the use of tropical woods in construction projects. Funds comes from government agencies in countries such as Switzerland.

Betanzos HB supplies FSC certified hardwood fiber board (HB) in both natural and painted finish for a wide range of construction, coating and decorative applications.

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