Betanzos HB joins the celebration of International Women’s Day

Rosa María Arcas, in charge of the company’s Research and Development, is one of the women participating in a video made by Xera for this March 8, which aims to highlight the value of female talent in a sector committed to the 4.0 economy and sustainability.

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, on March 8, the Axencia da Industria Forestal de Galicia (Xera) has made a video that aims to highlight and give value to the female talent in a sector that is still seen as fundamentally male, as well as their contribution to strengthening values such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), rural development, sustainability, diversity, equal opportunities, the search for innovation and continuous improvement.

For the video in which March 8 is celebrated, Xera has counted with significant women in the wood industry, among which are: Rosa María Arcas, head of the Research and Development Department of Betanzos HB, who is part of the management team of the company along with the coworkers at the head of the Commercial Department (Lucie Portelli), the Financial Department (Carmen Hernandez), the Quality Department (María Barreiro) and the Human Resources Department (Begoña Cancela). Altogether, five of the ten members of the highest rank of the company are women, a parity 50% which contrasts sharply with the average of Spanish companies, which in 2018 stagnated at 27%, the same percentage as the previous year.

Joining the celebration of the anniversary, Betanzos HB wants to emphasize its commitment to safety and health at work, equality and professional promotion of women, in addition to inviting the youngest to take into account such a significant and strategic sector to the economy of Galicia, such as wood, and specifically to the company itself, as an organization strongly anchored in industry 4.0 and the bio-economy, in which they can develop their careers in permanent contact with research and implementation of smart alternatives which guarantee both sustainability and competitiveness.

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