Betanzos HB Tablex, in the Olympus of the healthy materials

Betanzos HB Tablex, which is made from one hundred per cent wood, has joined the Olympus of healthy building materials, the Friendly Materials guide, and also has a “Gold” label, the highest rating. is a web directory that publishes the healthiest building materials on the market; those that meet strict quality criteria. That is why their number is limited and the guide is constantly being updated.

Although Friendly Materials was developed from the advanced hospital sector; it now records all materials intended for spaces that are occupied on a permanent basis, such as offices, schools or homes.

Friendly Materials uses an analytical method to objectively assess and compare how building materials affect the health of indoor spaces and, consequently, the health of their occupants.

The guide’s aim is to encourage the creation of non-toxic built environments and healthy building design, as well as to promote transparency of information in the building materials industry.

The Friendly Materials directory is aimed at companies or technical teams that want to differentiate themselves from the competition by focusing on health, transparency and corporate social responsibility.

Tablex is a 100% wood material, made from waste that comes from the local forestry industry with great strength and durability, very versatile, and biodegradable. It therefore meets the criteria of non-toxicity, sustainability and provides the benefits of using wood.

Consumer concern about the quality of indoor environments as well as the impact of their purchasing decisions has increased dramatically. The Tablex manufacturing system is based on the circular economy; it promotes the rural economy, and uses certified local wood. It is highly durable and sustainable as it is a material whose only ingredient is wood.  Tablex is a material that is widely used in construction solutions, furniture manufacturing and decorative and office accessories.

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