Betanzos HB will continue to provide service during the state of alarm

Last Sunday, 29 March, the Government issued a new order which regulates a recoverable paid leave for employees who do not provide essential services in order to reduce the mobility of the population so as to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Given the purely export activity of our company, Betanzos HB continues to work to ensure it fulfils our international contracts, and to carry out the supply of our board for the manufacture of packaging for essential activity sectors, such as the food supply chain.

According to the Government’s instructions, maintenance services for the productive activities of the manufacturing industry that provide supplies, equipment and materials required to correctly carry out essential activities are considered necessary.

Wherever possible, our company will maintain its usual activity, complying with the health recommendations and the established contingency plan, following the evolution of the crisis on a daily basis in case there are new guidelines from the authorities and following their indications, because the health of employees and their families comes first.

We continue to be in contact with our customers and partners through the usual channels of Betanzos HB. All the very best to everyone!

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