Do you also love this iPad case? Innovative and sustainable creations from Tablex

Sustainability is here to stay, and Tablex -100% wood- comes to occupy a void left by other materials, bringing nature closer to our lives.

If a company as innovative as Roctool noticed our Tablex, It has to be for something… Roctool is a leading technology company that works with leading worldwide brands. They innovatively mold all kinds of materials. On this occasion, they have validated our product as an example of utilizing their technology to obtain sustainable and value-added products. And they surprise us with this post on social networks, in which they show their review. We love the elegant design created by Tablex!

Roctool - Tablex

This is an example of Tablex’s enormous possibilities to obtain innovative and ecological products. In addition to its warm and natural touch, pleasant smell, it has excellent resistance, flexibility, and is very resistant to water. All these properties open unlimited possibilities of use in everyday objects, giving us the benefits of wood usage.

Roctool’s innovative technology makes any object a reality: from custom packaging, stationery, household items, or home electronics.

And we are also aware of the great value that our board can contribute to a market in which sustainable merchandises have higher acceptance. Therefore, from Betanzos HB, we make a great effort regarding innovation.

In summary, we are proud that our wood fiber-based products make their way as sustainable reference materials in leading markets.

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