FSC Spain publishes two guides of the use of wood in construction

FSC España edita dos guías para el uso de madera en construcción

FSC Spain has just published two papers to promote the use of wood as a building material within the ‘Have a wood day’ program, in which Betanzos HB participates actively.

The work is the result of a year of field research including meetings with leading companies and associations in the wood sector, a national survey for architects and other construction professionals, two focus groups, one for architects and another, for consumers. At the end of the process FSC Spain produced two publications, one for technical prescribers and another, for citizenship.

The paper ‘In wood another way to build. The sustainable building material of the 21st century’ is a technical document with contributions from specialists, and is structured around three thematic areas: sustainability, tropical woods issues and the knowledge necessary for the professional who uses wood in architecture.

The guide ‘In wood, another way of living’ focuses on the price in the first place, comparing it with other materials; secondly, it talks about the advantages of building with wood, sustainability and certification, including the risks of deforestation and the false myths associated with lumber.

Betanzos HB supplies hardboard of wood fibers (HB) certified FSC, both natural and painted, for a large number of construction, decorative and coating applications.



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