Meeting with Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal

The Cluster of Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia (CDM) organized last Friday a partners meeting with the director of Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal, José Ignacio Lema. The lunch, which was attended by C-Suite officers of Betanzos HB, helped thirty representatives of the value chain of Galician wood to talk openly with the head of this newly created regional body.

According to the Xunta de Galicia, Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal will act as interlocutor and focus its work on collaborating with the lumber industry and the forestry chain dedicated to cutting, drying, forestry and commercialization of raw wood, together with the sawmills, carpentry and furniture companies.

This new entity dependent on the Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria, will push the implementation of programs to encourage employment in the manufacture of consumer products, make the sector more competitive, develop technological innovation programs or support the opening of new niche markets.

Meeting with Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal

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