Our Tablex, circular economy model

Our Tablex is once again in the news, this time in Eco-Circular, the reference portal for the circular economy. This important channel of communication has included the presentation of the Encaixa project, given on 14 November 2019 at CIS Galicia, where the results of our packaging project carried out with Táblex (natural, sustainable, renewable, ecological, biodegradable) were shown.

The Eco-Circular article put our Tablex at the forefront of sustainable materials that are revolutionizing the world of Packaging, highlighting that, “it can be considered 100% ecological because it is made only of wood, taking advantage of the thermoplastic properties of lignin as a natural adhesive, instead of using artificial adhesives derived from petroleum. In addition, it is a very versatile material, able to be used in the manufacture of furniture, decoration, floors, construction, ceilings and interior soundproofing”.

Betanzos HB would like to thank Eco-Circular and Luisa Abreu, author of the article, who echoed our presentation, revaluing our Táblex and the work that our company is doing in the development of sustainable materials, which contribute to curbing climate change.

The Eco-Circular portal endeavours to publicize the good practices of the many companies that are committed to a new economic model based on the concepts of the Circular Economy. A model that improves on the Linear Economy (production, consumption and disposal) with respect to the environment, which promotes the reasoning and design of products using materials that extend their usability, that are easy to repair and that can once again become part of the production chain at the end of their useful life.




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