Tablex presented in the “Materioteca de Galicia” as an innovating material for the circular economy

El Tablex en la Materioteca de Galicia

Betanzos HB participated in the recently inaugurated Materioteca de Galicia, where our Tablex was part of the presentation of innovating and sustainable materials.

Once more, Betanzasos HB work and its compromise with sustainable materials were acknowledged. Our high-density, wood fiberboard, is manufactured using sustainable methods, certified wood and subproducts of the foresting industry, and renewable energy, obtaining a product with excellent resistance and durability properties, and it is more than a natural product, it can also be recycled and it is biodegradable, making it a material with lots of applications. It’s an honor being represented in this dedicated space, for the broadcasting of innovating materials for the circular economy, to inspire all professionals of many fields, such as engineers, architects, and technicians.

The new Materioteca de Galicia is located in the CIS Tecnología y Diseño de Ferrol, and has more than 150 samples of materials, some developed in Galicia and others coming from the Material ConneXion de Bilbao, an Spanish affiliate of the biggest international web, specialized in innovating materials and transformation processes.

The setting up of the Materioteca de Galicia belongs to an initiative by the Agencia Gallega de Innovación (GAIN) inside the Design Program for Innovation 2020 framework, set in motion by Xunta for the “promotion of the incorporation and systematization of design in companies as a driver of innovation and competitiveness”.

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