Betanzos HB makes eight wood bio-based products available to designers and manufacturers at the Materials Library of Galicia

Betanzos HB captures attention at the Materials Library of Galicia, the reference library for innovative and sustainable materials in our autonomous community.

The Galician factory has placed no less than eight materials in this Galician showcase, which stand out for being environmentally friendly, helping to achieve the SDGs established in the United Nations.

The development of these bio-based products is the result of the work that the company has been undertaking for many years, aimed at achieving materials with a circular economy and low carbon footprint, which mitigate climate change and offer sustainable alternatives in product design and construction.

The list of sustainable products that are present in the Materials Library of Galicia is as follows:



 High density wooden fibreboard. Its composition is 100% natural, since wood lignin is used as an adhesive to bind the fibres, it does not contain artificial adhesives and therefore does not produce formaldehyde emissions. It is made from forest by-products from local plantations and has a wood custody certificate under PEFC and FSC standards. It is light with high density and resistance, excellent performance against humidity and, therefore, the product is very durable.


Rollable Tablex:

100% very thin wooden board, which can be bent to allow it to be rolled in order to manufacture very strong tubes, with very small diameters, of up to 5 cm. Its properties are: resistance, easy bending and low environmental impact, as it does not contain artificial adhesives, does not need bleaching agents and is a low energy consumption product. Suggested uses are packaging tubes and tubes for building, flower pots, stationery, furniture legs, decoration or pallets.


Wood bio-adhesive

Water-based 100% plant wood extract adhesive. Dark brown in colour, it is applied similarly to white glue, with the advantage of being of natural origin. It allows any material to be joined and is ideal for labelling and food packaging, where it could have preservative effects. In agriculture it has shown great efficacy for hydroseeding and to increase the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments and fertilizers. Other uses: manufacture of pellets and granulates, packaging, decorative coatings, toys, composites and joints where component recovery is required.

Ecological fireproof board

 Ecological fireproof board (hardboard) made with wood and non-toxic mineral salts. Its properties are improved fire resistance and, in case of fire, it will only give off gases from the combustion of wood. It has applications in construction elements, door manufacturing, decorative coatings, special packaging, etc.

Wood composite

100% wood composite material, which is easily mouldable, consisting of a matrix of wood extracts and a water-based wood fibre reinforcement. This material is compression moulded and, once dry, it is a rigid, very light material that can be sanded and treated like wood. Applications include the production of decorative elements, packaging or for insulation in construction.

Insulating fibre board

Low density wood fibre board prototype, which evolves from elements discarded from the forest industry (shores, branches, small diameters of wood and bark). It has thermal, acoustic and shockproof insulation properties. Product without adhesives or artificial chemical preservatives. The material can be used as thermal and acoustic insulation in the automotive and construction industries or, as an alternative to plastic materials, for protection in packaging.


Finalists in the Galician Innovative Materials Competition

In addition, at the Materials Library of Galicia there are two products obtained in the LIFE EcoTimberCell Project in which Betanzos HB participates: The ETC beam, a lightened wooden beam and Tablex; the basis of the construction system designed in the project that has been a finalist in the First Competition for Innovative Materials of Galicia.

The other product is the ETC Box, a lightened wood structural slab and roofing system, made from our Tablex, with high performance, in which its use is optimized in flexing working, with a minimum use of wood.

This building system has the advantages of long-term carbon storage, low energy cost, minimal use of timber and reduced use of artificial glues, making it an optimal material for energy-efficient housing construction.

The initiative of the Competition, organised by the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), sought to identify, promote and disseminate the new materials created in Galicia and to put in value the R & D effort that is made in this field from companies and research groups.

Among the competition’s objectives is to disseminate these innovative materials through the Materials Library of Galicia.


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