Betanzos HB’s ecological and sustainable hardboard competes in the New European Bauhaus prizes

The sustainable high-performance hardboard manufactured exclusively in Spain by Betanzos HB is competing for the prestigious “New European Bauhaus” awards convened by the EU with the aim of accelerating ecological transition, by bringing together existing solutions to transform our living areas and make them more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive.

Those who subscribed to the New European Bauhaus newsletter before 31 May, may vote for their favourite candidates in 20 different categories until 18 June. Betanzos HB’s proposal, “Switch to Hardboard” competes in category number 5: “Products and life style”.

Proposal submitted: Switch to Hardboard

Betanzos HB promotes using hardboard instead of other materials to build a more sustainable, creative and inclusive world.

Hardboard is an adhesive-free, renewable and sustainable material that can replace most products such as plastics or cement in many applications. It requires less energy and chemicals than paper or cardboard. It is manufactured from sustainably managed rejects from the local forest industry. In addition, it is durable, healthy, accessible, easily manageable, and stores carbon throughout its lifetime.

For Betanzos HB, this initiative offers the opportunity of contributing to the green transformation as a way of improving people’s quality of life, making it possible to publicise and connect its solution with the global challenge of the Green Deal.



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