Information event of the project Demadera at headquarters of Betanzos HB

The headquarters of Betanzos HB was the place chosen for the information event of Demadera, the R&D project developing wines and soft drinks from viticulture products and wood extracts.

Mercantia and Casa Monte Pío wineries researchers took the floor in a meeting to monitor the project and the updating of the first goals, together with the team of Betanzos HB and the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The objectives of Demadera are the development of new natural extracts for food use, with antioxidant activity and / or preservative, from co-products of the activity of the companies of the consortium. Wood extracts, in the case of Betanzos HB; grape bagasse, from Bodegas Casa Monte Pío; extracts of co-products from wine dealcoholisation, of Mercantia. The extracts will be applied in new wines and soft drinks assimilable to wine, healthier, by the reduction of the alcohol content and replacing sulfites by natural extracts.


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