Presentation of Board 2 Door project

Betanzos HB HQ hosted the presentation of ‘Board 2 Door‘ project. This R&D project has been fulfilled in partnership with Puertas Betanzos and Aliusporta with the coordination of the Cluster of Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia (CDM). The objective has been the development of parametric products based on Tablex.
The results of the initiative, which is part of the work of Betanzos HB in the field of industry 4.0, have been finished retail products. On the one hand, Tablex has been used for three-layer boards more stable, ecological, resistant and cheaper than traditional ones. In addition, doors and modular ceilings have been made, as a resistant and lightweight alternative to gypsum and dryboard.
Attendees of the event visited a prototype with doors, partitions and ceilings made of Tablex aligned with sustainable construction. These retail products is a probe of thickness reduction doesn’t compromise technical performance, even increased, and allows to minimize the consumption of material.

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