Presentation of the LIFE Eco TimberCell project

Today, the LIFE EcoTimberCell project has been presented at the Lugo Campus of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), whose full title is “Ecological cellular structural systems for a model building for the climate change mitigation and enhancement of the forestry sector”. In this I+D+i project, Betanzos HB and Campus Terra of the USC participate, through the Plataforma de Enxeñaría de Madeira Estructural (PEMADE); the Centro Tecnológico Forestal de la Madera (CETEMAS) and the Instituto de Tecnologia de la Construcción de Cataluña (ITEC).

The main objective is to reduce energy consumption in construction by developing local wood buildings from sustainable forest management. Since buildings represent 40% of the final energy consumption in the UE, reducing it is the most effective wat to help mitigate climate change. Therefore, LIFE EcoTimberCelles is an initiative that promotes the replacement of construction materials with high carbon footprint, such as concrete and steel, by systems that will be fully recyclable one the useful life of them, thus reducing the waste.

This project, approved by the European Commission, has a budget of two million euros, of which the UE, through FEDER Funds, will gather 59% of the budget, while the rest of the participants assume the remaining 41%, making a commitment to an efficient construction, sustainable forestry production and the promotion of local green jobs.

Presentation of the LIFE Eco TimberCell project

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