Reception of participants of the TAF Meeting in Betanzos HB

Participants at the TAF Meeting, international annual meeting for softboard and hadboard manufacturing companies, visited on September 16th 2016 the facilities of Betanzos HB as part of the convention.

Guided by representatives of the management of Betanzos HB, many managers of the main companies in the field coming from Brazil, France, Finland, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland and Estonia took part in a presentation where they were offered main data about the activities pf Betanzos HB and its immediate challenges in a global market. Afterwards there was a visit in the actual processing plant.

El TAF Meeting 2016 took place in Santiago de Compostela between September 14th and 16th organized by Betanzos HB. During those three days, about thirty managers attended technical meetings with suppliers and presentations of personalities such as Sonia Pazos, Manager of Area Facilities of the Innovation Galician Agency (Gain) and the Wood Innovation and Technological Services Facilities in Galicia (CIS-Madeira).

On the other hand, the manager of the Galician Insititution for Economic Promotion (Igape), Javier Aguilera, took place in the closure event to thank Betanzos HB for its coordination in this international meeting and highlighted the great possibilities of Galicia as an investment receiver, specially in the field of wood transformation.

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