“Sustainable solutions through bioeconomy,” article by our Plant Manager in Albura magazine.

José Manuel Vilasuso, Plant Manager of Betanzos HB, reflects in Albura, the Magazine of the Wood Cluster and Design of Galicia, about the importance of wood and its derivatives as sustainable materials.

“The manufacturers that control the wood, must accompany this process to attract the face of the benefits of the use of wood, with the ultimate goal of evading the use of other less sustainable materials and to protect forest wealth and rural development of our Terra Gallega. ”

Also in construction:

“Construction is looking for more sustainable models and, in countries like ours, despite its forest tradition, wood still has a long way to go.”

“Technical wood manufactured only from forest sub-products such as coastal, branches and struts, which would have little value by themselves and, in our process, are transformed into a product of high resistance, durability and with multiple applications that, also, continue being 100% wood. “

In the article, José Manuel launches new questions:

“How many objects cannot be replaced by wood-based products? The answer to this question requires an imaginative effort and, without a doubt, trying to solve it is a challenge that moves us to innovate by offering new products.”

Trying to respond to these challenges, our Plant Manager displays on the importance of offering sustainable solutions through the bioeconomy and cites some of the natural products with which Betanzos HB is innovating in this regard:

  • The new range of Tablex hydrophobic boards, such as the H1 Hydro Tempered, the original hardboard with high moisture resistance, which is also natural and environmentally friendly in its production since it is made of natural wood fibers that come from certified plantations (FSC and/or PEFC).
  • The concentrate of wood extracts, based on water, which response to the demands of the purchase of organic crops and which also has applications in the food sector, acting as a natural substitute for chemical preservatives and antioxidants.

For all this, and for our continued commitment to R&D we have received, the Innovative SME Seal, dedication to innovation that must necessarily go hand in hand with sustainability:

“Being offered sustainable solutions will allow our activities to grow and, more importantly, will be our contribution to the creation of a more sustainable world.”

You’ll have the full article available by clicking HERE (page 23, in spanish). We hope you like it. Moreover, if you need any further clarification, contact our team.

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