The companies developing enCAIXA meet to make a progress in the project

Reunión del proyecto enCAIXA

The companies developing the industrial research project enCaixa, of which Betanzos HB take part in, held a working meeting to continue making progress in its development. In this meeting, the provincial delegate of Xunta de Galicia in A Coruña, Ovidio Rodeiro, and the Employment Minister of Ames, Isabel González, took part and were interested in the details of the project.

The enCaixa project, which takes place between 2018 and 2020, focuses on researching new technical solutions in the field of packaging using Galician wood. Besides Betanzos HB, Talendis Interesa, JJ Chicolino, Puertas Betanzos and Muarce Carpinteros also collaborate in the project. In addition, the three Galician Universities take part in the project: the Universidade de Santiago (USC), the Universidade da Coruña (UDC) and the Universidade de Vigo (UVigo).

enCaixa has been selected in the program Conecta PEME 2018, promoted by GAIN, to encourage collaborations between SMEs and other agents of the regional innovation system focused on R&D. The project, which has an investment of more than a million euros, focuses on packaging solutions, a sector that is expanding thanks to the development of e-commerce, globalisation and the growing importance of presentation in the value of the products.

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