The keys to our Tablex, in a webinar organised by Life EcoTimberCell

On Wednesday 9 June, we participated with the company Finsa in the forum “Wood in Galicia” organised by Life EcoTimberCell, to reveal all the keys to our ecological board “Tablex”, a resin-free board, made with wood that is sourced locally.

During the session, offered by our head of Innovation and Development, Rosa Mª Arcas, we explained our hardboard’s manufacturing process; it is a product produced exclusively in Spain by Betanzos HB, which promotes circular economy and sustainable development.

Tablex, obtained from waste offcuts of that is wood certified through sustainable forest management, is a product in which the lignin acts as a natural adhesive to join the wood fibres, avoiding the use of artificial binders, which are present in most wood panels on the market.

Tablex provides a remarkable benefit in mitigating climate change: it is a carbon sink, from when the tree starts to grow until the end of its life, and as is a long-lasting product, it retains the CO2 captured for a long time. If we also use it to replace other materials, the result is there is much less CO2 in the atmosphere, for a long time. Tablex is recyclable and 100% biodegradable, and is a very versatile material that can be used for furniture, decoration, flooring, construction, ceilings and interior soundproofing, as well as for a multitude of everyday objects.

Due to its great durability, resistance and adaptability, its benefits in construction use stand out, as is being demonstrated within the Life Eco TimberCell project.

In addition to the uses and advantages of our Tablex, in the presentation we also highlighted the important development work in the rural environment and bioeconomy that Betanzos HB is undertaking by placing new ecological wood bioproducts on the market, amongst which we can highlight fertilizers, additives for animal feed, preservatives and antioxidants, wood composites and water-based bioadhesive.

A summary of the conclusions of the block, as well as the presentations, will be available on the LIFE EcoTimbercCell website

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