The Luis Seoane Foundation chooses Betanzos HB’s Tablex as the support for the exhibition “Escóitasme?”

The Luis Seoane Foundation chose Betanzos HB’s Tablex (100% high-density wood fibreboard) to carry out part of the assembly of the exhibition named “Escóitasme”, opened on 27 September at the company’s headquarters in A Coruña.

The presence of Tablex as a support material in the exhibition highlights the growing commitment to the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, as well as the versatility of the product manufactured by Betanzos HB. It can be used as a structural element in construction and also in an artistic exhibition, such as the one now organised by the prestigious Luis Seoane Foundation.

The exhibition presents the proposals of the creators of the didactic project “Laboratorio Escóitasme” to the public, which was developed over 10 weeks of lockdown; the project includes the creation of odd or invented words and other creative activities.

The works are displayed on a skyline on our A5-size Tablex panels. The choice of these 100% wood boards was made by the architect Fermin Blanco, director of the exhibition together with the director of the Silvia Longueira Foundation.

Tablex, 100% wood

Betanzos HB’s Tablex is manufactured from certified scrap wood using sustainable forest management. It is a 100% biodegradable material where the wood’s own lignin works as a natural glue to bond the wood fibres, avoiding the use of artificial resins present in other wood boards.

Use in sustainable construction

The Tablex catalogue and technical data sheets have recently been published. They highlight the excellent properties for its use in sustainable construction, namely its mechanical resistance, humidity and reaction to fire.

This document has been produced by Betanzos HB, together with its partners PEMADE, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, CETEMAS research centre, ITEC Institute and company 3edata, through the EcoTimber Cell joint project.

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