At the AJE A Coruña’s Circular Economy Day

Jornada de Economía Circula con presencia de Betanzos HB

Edar Bens hosted the Circular Economy Day organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE) of A Coruña in collaboration with the City Council of A Coruña.

The Councilor for the Environment, María García, was in charge of opening the event. She stressed the importance of the involvement of companies not only in do good practices but also in their dissemination for a better awareness in society. After, the floor was for the CEO of Edar Bens SA, Carlos Lamora, who introduced the project ‘Mixed Unit of Renewable Gas’, one of the most important circular economy initiatives that are being carried out in Galicia. It consists of transforming the biogas obtained during the wastewater treatment process into pure biomethane for use for mobility purposes.

María Otero, officer at Betanzos HB’s R&D department, explained the production process of Tablex, highlighting the ecological, recyclable and biodegradable nature of the hardboard. Betanzos HB process is a clear reflection of circular economy, from using branches and other wood waste to power the plant, to produce a 100% recyclable product. Otero, also, showed some of the research lines that are being carried out, such as the Innobiorre and Demadera projects.

Finally, the director of CSR of Vegalsa-Eroski, Gabriela González, explained the recycling actions they are developing in the company and presented the initiative ‘Zero waste’, a project to take advantage of the products close to their expiration date.

The day ended with a open talk moderated by Miguel Miragaya, president of AJE.

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