Visit of the Eco-construction cluster of Wallonia and Brussels to Betanzos HB

On 02/19/2019 we were visited by representatives of the ecological wood construction, coming from Belgium.

The experts were able to know in detail, and at first hand, our range of ecological products, since Tablex, 100% natural product, certified PEFC and FSC, is widely used in construction. It is an excellent component for the composition of ceilings, false ceilings, floors and beams. It is also used for non-structural elements, such as doors, three-layer sandwich for partition walls and decorative elements, for its good behavior against moisture, high density and mechanical resistance.

In addition to knowing our production process, visitors were able to learn about the constructive solutions resulting from the industrial research project Board2Door and the LIFE EcoTimberCell project was presented to them, where we participated in the development of the board for the manufacture of 100% wood cellular construction structural systems.

The group that visited us was formed by a network of companies and active experts in eco-construction, among them were cluster managers, manufacturers, architects and representatives of training centers.

This initiative has been facilitated by the Clúster da Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia (CMD),to which Betanzos HB belongs and arises from the interest of the Cluster of Eco-construction of Wallonia, to know the current panorama of the sector in our community and our products as ecological construction material.

During the visit, ties have been established for cooperation with the Cluster in pushing forward our purpose of generating value from local wood and climate change mitigation.


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