Boosting to the technology in the sector through operational groups

The Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Tableros (ANFTA), to which Betanzos HB belongs, is promoting to two Supra Autonomic Operative Groups for the improvement of the wood sector by using technology.

The first of them, called Wood-E, aims to “enhance the forest and wood sector, changing the perception that society has of it, through the dissemination of contributions from the forestry sector through methodologies that include innovative technologies”.

The second, Timber Chain, will work on “the development of a computer tool that will allow managing all processes, integrating all the agents involved, documenting all actions and having a standardized and interoperable data source to ensure the traceability of forest products”.

Both operating groups, which were introduced in Madrid yesterday, will carry out their work over the coming months.

In addition, through the Clúster da Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia (CMD), Betanzos HB also participates in the Timbertrack Operating Group, which aims to “design and develop a labelling system that univocally identifies wood as a raw material, to enhance the entire set of data generated along the chain”. The objective is “to reduce logistic costs, to improve the classification of the product, to obtain high value information through data mining/big data/machine learning, to accelerate procedures and to improve transparency in the market”.

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